Chicken Wings Menu

Breaded Wings


Sometimes we prefer a balance between crispy and crunchy. Our lightly  breaded wings will prove  exactly that.

Bistro Wings


Breaded in both a wet and a dry batter, our bistro wings are extra crispy and more tender. You cant go wrong with these!

Classic Wings


every bite of our classic wings burst with flavour from having been marinated for 24 hours. From the sauce, to the meat, our wings were designed to be remembered.

Almadina Wings

Our chicken wings are marinated for 24 hours to give you a great lasting taste. You may have them breaded or classic and tossed in your choice of BBQ, Honey Garlic, Hot, or Suicide sauce.Mix two sauces together for the ultimate flavour. You may also have the sauce on the side!

Chicken Wings

Tossed in your choice of: BBQ, Honey Garlic, Hot, Suicide, or mix TWO sauce together to give it the ultimate flavor

Or have it with your sauce on the side!

Bistro Wings

Our signature bistro wings are crispier, more tender and full of flavor. They are breaded in a wet batter and a dry batter to give you that perfect golden crisp that you crave