Welcome to Almadina Bistro

A place where Afghani Cuisine meets the west

Our Story

Almadina Bistro is a family owned business. Our family has served the Scarborough community with unique and flavourful food since 2004. Almadina Pizza was introduced to the Scarborough community by our father Nadir Jaan.

Our father came to Canada with an engineering degree, with the hope for a better life for our family. Unfortunately, he was not able to pursue his engineering dream. Instead, our father worked two jobs at minimum wage, to provide for our family of ten for seven years. In 2004, he took all his savings and invested in Almadina Pizza. With this family restaurant, a new passion was ignited not only for our father but our entire family. Our father often spoke about expanding his business, but did not get the right opportunity to do so as he passed away in September 2018.

Almadina Bistro is dedicated to the memory of our father, Nadir Jaan. It is our family’s promise to work hard to uphold our father’s dream, by preparing quality food for your friends and family!



We are excited to announce our franchise model. Visit the link below to find out more!

Almadina Wings

Our wings’ rich flavour comes from having been marinated for 24 hours. Whether you choose our classic or  breaded style, each bite will be packed with flavour.



Our pizza contains a secret-pizza sauce that is the product of years of trial and error. Since pizza is sold almost everywhere, we strive to make our pizza distinctive through our home-made dough, secret pizza sauce, and crafty baking technique.  

Burgers and SANDWICHES

Not only are our burgers 6 ounces. They are made with halal cheese and cooked to a hot, melty touch. 


Real Fruit Smoothie

Only made with fresh real fruit and blended to a sweet creamy delight

StrawBerry Banana Smoothie

Pineapple Mango Smoothie

Pineapple Banana Smoothie


From layered Oreo Cake to Peanutbutter Cheesecake, we have your sweet tooth covered

Honey Cake

Red Velvet CAKE

Carrot Cake

Cookie N’ Cream Cake

Classic Cheesecake

Peanut Butter Cheesecake